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Rainbow Bead Bracelet

Rainbow Bead Bracelet

Rainbow Bead Bracelet - $ 14.95

Hey there, color lover! Are you ready to wrap your wrist in a circle of joy? Meet our Rainbow Bead Bracelet, the happy-go-lucky accessory that adds a dash of pride to any outfit.

Easy to wear, and even easier to love, this rainbow beads bracelet is the splash of color your day has been missing!

Your Wrist's Best Friend

  • A Mix of Magic: Made from sparkling glass beads, colorful resin beads, and strong zinc alloy, this rainbow beaded bracelet is both eye-catching and long-lasting.

  • Just Your Size: No worries about fit. Our rainbow bead bracelets stretch up to 8 inches, making them perfect for almost anyone.

  • Featherlight: At less than one ounce, this rainbow beads bracelet is so light, you'll forget you're wearing it (until you catch a glimpse of its beauty).

Wear Your Rainbow Beaded Bracelet Every Day

Who says rainbows only come out after the rain? With our rainbow bracelet beads, you can carry a personal rainbow wherever you go.

Wear it alone for a subtle pop of color or stack it with other bracelets for an arm party of awesomeness. Our collection of rainbow bead bracelets is designed for every wrist, every mood, and every burst of inspiration.

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